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Are You Getting Ready to Move Your Student Into a College Apartment?

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It is a busy weekend. As your daughter completes her sophomore year in college, she is planning to go out of the country for a month long study opportunity out of the country. As soon as she returns from this adventure, she is getting ready to move into her first dorm style apartment. After the the first two years of living in cramped and crowded spaces, the new apartment style dorm will be a welcome change. And while you know that the transition will require several trips to the furniture store, you hope that your previous work in interior design services will help you locate some pieces that will last beyond these lat two years in a college dorm and into her first r

Rainy Days Blues The Downside of All This Rain

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2017 is shaping up to be an unusually rainy year. Seattle, Washington recently celebrated setting a 122 year old record for the most rain in the winter season. Buffalo New York is about to break a record of its own for the most rainfall during the month of April, set in 1961.
For some, this is good news; in all but four counties, California?s five year drought has officially ended. But for most, the increase in rain is an inconvenience at best, but for some, the rain is a disaster. Already we are seeing the effects of higher than average rain fall in the pricing of West