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Is It Time to Replace the Roof on Your Home?

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Summers are a combination of many things. From relaxing by the pool to tackling the home improvement projects that have been waiting for attention, the months of June, July, and August are often the time that many people look forward to. And while few people will admit to liking the expense and hard work that are needed for major projects like roof repairs or replacements, when these tasks are finished they add value to your property.
Roofing contractors across the country find themselves very busy during the summer months when the weather is the most cooperative. From helping customers decide between asphalt roof installation and the benefits of switching to metal roofing products, and the actual roof repairs and replacements themselves, roofing contractors, like many kinds of construction workers,

A Chemical More Dangerous Than Smog And Cigarettes Combined Radon Gas In The Home

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What actions do you take to keep yourself healthy? Have you recently quit smoking? How about changing your diet to promote more nutritious minerals and vitamins? There are multiple good habits we cultivate in our lives to increase our likelihood of feeling good and living long. Unfortunately, there are still unseen elements that try to lay waste to our efforts and put our hard-earned lives into disarray. Radon gas is one such chemical, an odorless and tasteless element found in nature that has weaseled its way into many American homes. What should you know? Let’s take a look at the dangers of radon gas and how radon mitigation companies can help.

What Causes Lung Cancer?

The most stunning fact about radon gas is also the most unknown. Lung cancer is commonly attribut