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Keeping Your Head in an Emergency with the Right Generator

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Emergency generator installation requirements

When you flip on the news, it seems that there are more natural disasters than ever before, and often of greater magnitude. Entire communities, cities, states, and multi state regions are put on high alert, and people begin to prepare for the worst. It can be a difficult thing to think about, when you consider how much time, money, energy, and love you have invested in your home, that it could all be at the mercy of a major storm.

There are ways to fortify your home, secure your possessions and valuables, and consider yourself prepared for whatever may come, but nature has proven repeatedly that it is often difficult to predict exactly what could go on. Whether you know people preparing for a storm, you are getting ready to ride one out yourself, or all you see are blue sk

How Often Should I get my Septic Tank Cleaned?

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Septic pumping

For people moving into a house with a septic tank, it may seem nerve wracking if you’ve never dealt with one before. However, there is really nothing to worry about. With proper upkeep and cleaning, you should never have a problem with it.

A fourth of all homes in the United States have septic systems, so while most people have city sewer systems, septic systems aren’t exactly rare. The idea behind a septic system is that all waste water goes into these large tanks. The solids settle to the bottom and the water is filtered out. There are enzymes that are used to help deteriorate the solids, so the tank does not have to be cleaned out all the time.

However, homeowners do have to be mindful of not letting things go down the drain that can not be broken down by the system. Essentially, nothing but toi