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How Often Should I get my Septic Tank Cleaned?

Written by admin on September 11, 2017. Posted in Septic pumping, Septic systems chicagoland, Septic tank service chicago

Septic pumping

For people moving into a house with a septic tank, it may seem nerve wracking if you’ve never dealt with one before. However, there is really nothing to worry about. With proper upkeep and cleaning, you should never have a problem with it.

A fourth of all homes in the United States have septic systems, so while most people have city sewer systems, septic systems aren’t exactly rare. The idea behind a septic system is that all waste water goes into these large tanks. The solids settle to the bottom and the water is filtered out. There are enzymes that are used to help deteriorate the solids, so the tank does not have to be cleaned out all the time.

However, homeowners do have to be mindful of not letting things go down the drain that can not be broken down by the system. Essentially, nothing but toi

When Was the Last Time You Had Your Furnace Serviced?

Written by admin on September 6, 2017. Posted in Air quality testing roanoke, High efficiency furnace roanoke, Hvac systems

Ac service

After a two week stint of very hot weather, followed by two full days of a smokey yellow sky, you are finally able to open the windows for the evening. Since it finally looks like you will no longer need to run the air conditioner, you now realize that you had better call the HVAC repair service to schedule your before the winter check up. Although it has only been two days since you have run the air conditioner, the temperatures this morning dipped clear down to 48 degrees. The quick temperature drop means that the cold weather could start any time soon. And while you are not a big fan of turning on the furnace any time soon, you also know that it is not