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New Acoustic Building Materials Can Reduce Sound Transmission

Written by admin on February 6, 2018. Posted in Mass loaded vinyl, Soundproof ceiling, Sounds insulating panels

Sound absorber

Sound design takes acoustics into account in living and working spaces. Eliminating external sounds is important for buildings like hospitals, schools, homes, apartment buildings, offices and concert halls. The quality of internal sound is important as well in designing concerts halls and schools. New acoustical building materials like soundproof roofs and wall panels can help to reduce sound transmission and improve the quality of indoor sound.

Eliminating external sound
In homes, schools, hospitals and concert halls, external noise can be both distracting and harmful. Regular exposure to loud noise over 85 decibels can put people at risk of hearing loss. Even continuous background noise over 40 decibels can be harmful to health, increasing the risks of cardiovascular problem