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Bathroom and Kitchen Remodels Make Drawers and Cabinets the Most Common Upgrades

Written by admin on November 3, 2018. Posted in Door mounted spice racks, Drawer slides, Woodworking clamps

With well over 24 million bathrooms and kitchens remodeled each year in the United States, there is much to see in need of drawers and cabinets. Everyone uses cabinets and drawers in the kitchen and bathroom, and the update of those are needed in many ways for every remodel.

In Millions of Kitchen and Bath Remodels Cabinets and Drawers are Up to 50% of Costs

When updating the kitchen or the bathroom, there is the addition of new cabinets, drawers, knobs, handles, undermount drawer slides, cabinet doors, cabinet runners, drawer locks, and cabinet door hinges. Given the great amount of cabinet door hardware and accessories that can be purchased on your own for the remodel, there is also the cost of the contractor or installer that needs hiring. You have the decision on your own to purchase standard to heavy duty equipment. If you feel the need for the long