Rain Gutter Repair Made Easy

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Clogged gutters are the primary cause of water damage in basements, so it’s extremely important to make sure that you have clean gutters that are in good condition, and that rainwater flows freely through them. If you need assistance, looking up “gutter repair company near me”, on your smartphone is an option, but for DIY enthusiasts, a little know-how about the care and repair of your rain gutters may be all you need for now. According to Angie’s List, these are warning signs to watch out for.

1. There’s A Pool In Your Yard But You Don’t Own One.

If you notice water collecting around your home’s foundation or water stains beneath the gutters, that’s a sign of a blockage that’s causing your gutters to overflow. Clearing them out is usually simple. Don’t forget about your downspout either — it can become clogged up, too.

2. Your Gutters Look Like They Need A Face Lift.

Sagging rain gutters require quick action in order to prevent your roof gutters from completely collapsing. The most common causes of sagging are a broken spike or excess debris weighing your gutters down. Expanding ice during the winter can also be a culprit. You can generally repair sags simply by cleaning out the gutters or by using screw-in spikes.

3. Leaky Gutters.

When water continues escaping from your gutters even after they’re unclogged, there’s a leak afoot. Leaks occur most often at the point where sections of the gutter join together, and that can be resealed. If damage or corrosion caused the leak, resealing an area that’s weakened in this manner may be a temporary fix that can come back to haunt you.

When is it time to consider replacing your rain gutters? Angie’s List believes that it depends on how extensive the damage is. A couple of problem areas may be easy to take care of. However, if many sections of your gutters have issues, or a problem that you previously fixed keeps returning, replacement is your best option. When in doubt, a reliable professional can accurately assess the situation for you.

For those who don’t feel comfortable tackling a project of this scale on their own, help is just a matter of going to your computer and looking up “Gutter repair company near me.” (Yes, now is a good time). With copper, aluminum, seamless, and many other types of rain gutters to choose from, your problems will be over in no time flat.

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