The Chicest Trend in Home Decor Tinted Glass Tables

Written by admin on September 28, 2018. Posted in Black glass table, Clear erase board, Modern glass end tables

Custom tinted glasses are must-haves for 2019 interior design, and we couldn’t be more excited. Tinted glass is the perfect way to add ambiance to a room, whether you’re cooling an otherwise sunny area with gray tints or adding some flavor with a bright accent hue. Tints are wonderful additions for those who constantly need change because they change throughout the day, depending on the natural and artificial light in the room Here are a few ways that you can incorporate this hot new trend into your home.

Add a Pop of Color

White, gray, and neutral wood are all making a comeback. If you have a modern, minimalist living room, a beautiful way to tie it together is with a colorful accent piece. Why not try a rose-tinted clear dry erase board, or a few red, avant-garde small glass top tables?

Or Not

Alternatively, your boho living space may have so much “look” going that it’s hard to add in another piece of furniture. You need a neutral centerpiece. Rather than