What Landscaping Projects Do You Have Planned for the Summer?

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Spring has sprung!
The trees are leaving out, the tulips are blooming, and the grass is growing!
In the midst of all of the excitement of the end of a long winter, however, is a lot of work that needs to be done. In places where winter arrived fast and furious, for instance, there are even some old leaves from last fall that need to be raked and mulch that needs to be replaced. At the very top of the list for many property owners, however, is landscaping. Whether it is just to refresh last year’s landscaping or to completely redo and area where the shrubs are too old, spring is the perfect time to tackle these tasks.
Landscape Design Services Can Add Both Value and Beauty to Your Home
Just as the cover of a book can influence a purchase, the work that is done by a landscaping company can determine the value of a home. In fact, there is research that indicates that professional landscapers can speed up a building’s sale by as much as six weeks. Serving as another

Thinking about landscaping? Here are some things to consider

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Owning a home can have so many new projects to think about. Most people think about how they want the inside of their home to look and what makes them comfortable and don’t consider the way their home looks on the outside. Your yard can say a lot about who you are as a homeowner and what type of person you are whether you want it to or not. Have you ever just driven past a yard and thought “wow what a dump” but that home could be gorgeous inside and you wouldn’t even know it because the outside is all you get to see. First impressions are everything so what is your yard saying about you and what can you do to improve it?

First of all when thinking about landscpaing ideas think about how it will affect you through every season. Depending on where you live if your in a cold climate do you want a bunch of trees that are going to lose all of their leaves each fall and create a lot of yard work for you? You should also consider whether you can maintain the types of plants your installi