The Importance of Testing for Radon to Create the Healthiest Home Environment Possible

Written by admin on April 10, 2018. Posted in Radon mitigation companies, Residential radon testing service, Sump pump excavation

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The United States Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA) estimates that approximately one out of every 15 homes within the country have radon levels that are either equal to or exceed their action levels. Radon, which is a natural radioactive gas, is odorless. Given this, the only way to determine whether or not it is present is through a residential radon testing service.

Radon is known to be a contributing factor in the development of lung cancer. According to estimates from the US EPA and the Surgeon General’s Office, up to 20,000 lung cancer deaths have been attributed to radon every year. When someone is exposed for a long time to a specific level of average radon concentrations, the risk of developing this form of cancer increases. Experts indicate there is a 16% increased risk for every 10