Real Estate SMS

Written by admin on January 13, 2012. Posted in Real estate sms marketing, Real estate text marketing, Real estate text messaging

One new service that is available for those in real estate is SMS, or short message services. Real estate sms is a text messaging service that is available for real estate agents that want to use their cell phones as a marketing tool. Real estate sms services are helpful for any real estate agent that has property for lease or for sale. You can even use SMS for rental properties. If you are not using this technology yet you will find yourself and your business losing out to other real estate agents that do.

Most people these days are mobile and use their mobile phones all the time instead of staying put in a physical office or at one location most of the day. Real estate clients can be looking for property anytime and anywhere they go. Instead of running back home or back to the office to call about some property they see that they are interested in, they can take advantage of using real estate sms. Real estate qr codes are available now too for those in real estate marketing.

Agents that use real estate sms can do without the office landline altogether now. When you have your cell phone with you you’ll never miss a message, thanks to real estate sms and text messaging. Real estate sms is the wave of the future. Agents and Realtors that do not make use of real estate sms are not going to be as productive or as profitable as those agents who do use real estate sms. If you are an agent and you do not know about real estate sms, now is the time to learn and get in on the bandwagon in order to remain competitive in the real estate industry.

Real estate sms has brought about some much needed changes in the real estate industry. Up to date information can be delivered to the client via text messaging in a matter of minutes. People today are used to things being done faster and quicker than ever before. If prospective clients are made to wait for a return phone call, they can quickly lose interest. You can snag more leads and capture more clients when you use real estate sms services. Rather than losing your clients to another more up to date real estate agent that does use real estate sms get started using these services yourself today.

How You Can Use Moving Pods

Written by admin on January 9, 2012. Posted in Self storage, Storage pods

There are many different types of storage containers that people who need to store things can use. If you are in need of some storage units that you can take with you wherever you go, your options are more limited. However, one type of storage that you can rely on for easy portable storage is moving pods. These pods are very important for people who need them. There are a few common scenarios where moving pods are needed.

One thing that moving pods are commonly used for is when people move to a new home. Moving requires many concerns that all need to be handled at once, and when they pile up they can get very stressful. Moving pods can relieve some of this stress. When you decide to use moving pods for a move, you will be able to put anything you need to store in these pods and then the transportation of your pods to the provider. Since moving pods can be delivered anywhere in the country or stored until you are ready for delivery, this will make the moving process much easier.

Another common way that moving pods are used is when homes need things removed on short notice. This could be for a number of reasons. For example, if your home suffers damage from a fire or a hurricane, the other items in your home may be at risk for further damage even after the event is over. With moving pods, you can take things out of your home and store them in pods so that they do not sustain further damage. Once you decide what steps you are going to take to fix the damage to your house, you can start slowly unpacking the items from the pods.

To find the pods that you need, it is important to get in touch with a reputable storage company in your area. These companies will have access to all the different kinds of pods that you may need. If you are in need of storage, it does not make sense for you to waste time with ineffective units that do not meet your needs. Make sure that you find some pods that will work to hold all of the things you need to store, no matter why or how long you need to store them for.