Choosing a Radon Mitigation Service

Written by admin on February 21, 2019. Posted in Radon denver, Radon gas detector, Radon mitigation services

Radon gas is a colorless, odorless, and radioactive gas that can be found outside or in your home. Prolonged exposure to it can lead to lung cancer and it is actually the second leading cause of lung cancer just behind cigarettes.

You don’t have to worry though, because there are things you can do to get rid of radon in your home. A local radon mitigation and abatement services can help you alter your home so that this gas is not a concern.

If this is a concern for you there are steps you can take to find a service that is trustworthy and affordable.

Make a List of Local Companies

You can start by figuring out which local radon mitigation and abatement services you can find. There might be a few or maybe you live in an area where there is only one. Seeing what your options are is a good place to start.


Using the Right Protective Materials for Roofs and Decks

Written by admin on February 4, 2019. Posted in Commercial roof sealer, Roof decking, Where to buy roofing tar

Any modern home today will be made of a number of construction materials and interior utilities that keep it running smoothly, from the plumbing to the flooring to the shades and blinds on the windows. Meanwhile, the roof and wooden deck (if there is one) should not be neglected, either. If a roof is working well, nothing will ever leak through it, and the attic may also be an excellent source of insulation for the home, which helps regulate the costs of the heating and cooling system. But if commercial waterproofing is not done, or if commercial roof coatings are neglected, the roof may soon start to develop cracks and holes that leak rainwater and melting snow, and without commercial roof sealer products use, a lot of damage can add up fast. What’s more, squirrels may chew their way into the attic and create holes that leak water, not to mention chew on electric cables. What’s worse, without fl