Three Questions To Ask Yourself Before Your Next Lighting Project

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Led roadway lighting

Spring is around the corner and with it comes your looming list of home improvement projects – are you ready for what this year has in store? If not, you aren’t alone. Thousands of Americans walk into hardware stores every single year with high hopes that someone there will be able to give them all the info and equipment they need to complete their next project. For many, these projects have to do with lighting whether it be garage lighting for a new game room or work space or warehouse lighting for a new business venture. No matter what type of lighting project you might be working on in the future, there are a few foundational facts that it’s always nice to know:

Fluorescent vs. LED - This debate seems to have been going on for years now: which type of bulb is best? Understandin

Paint Choices Impact the Look and the Safety of a Room

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Floor paint

You never realized how much work parenting could be. You were initially caught up in the excitement of decorating the nursery and buying all of the cutest clothes. Before long, though, you realized that there was going to be more to this parenting gig than just picking out colors for the nursery and finding the best deal on clothes. In fact, being a parent involves paying attention to all kinds of details like using baby room safe paint for the nursery. Although painting with matte wall paint mike make things easier to clean up, it is far more important to make sure that the choice you make is baby room safe paint.
Collecting nursery paint chip samples might seem like a pretty fun part of the baby planning process, but paint choice is also a decision that will play into the long term safety of your infant and