The Right Colors for the Right Rooms

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So much goes into designing a home, from the theme of the home itself to how you want to accentuate that theme. There is an endless variety of items and motifs you can choose from and each is a little way for you, or your family or your roommates, to express themselves in a way that is both fun and healthy. It can be hard, though, if you aren’t sure where to start designing a home. You might not be sure about paint for decks or what goes into painting a porch. You might have trouble choosing what paint has the bet paint coverage or you might ask yourself how is wall primer used? You might even ask yourself how do I make paint safe for baby furniture? These are all important questions to ask and none of them have simple answers but they can all be figured out with enough time and patience. The first thing y

Five Things To Do To Protect Your Home Against Hurricanes

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Try as we might, there seems to be no avoiding hurricanes. Every year they make landfall in the United States, causing damage and displacing people from their homes. Close to seven hurricanes every four years strike the United States.

With the landfall of Hurricane Harvey, nearly 13 million people were affected, over 130,000 homes were damaged and the flooding caused damage to cars, businesses and other things. The economic impact from Harvey is estimated at more than $150 billion.
During the 20th century, 158 hurricanes hit the United States with 57 of them hitting Florida and 26 hitting Texas. In 2017, 10 storms in a row became hurricanes, a feat that hasn’t happened since 1893.

When hurricane season comes, hurricane ready homes can help residents weather the strong storms and hopefully stay safer. Here are some tips for residents to turn their houses into hurricane ready homes.

  • Protect from flood damage: Floods are